The Artist at Work

The Artist at Work
The Artist at Work

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Cover . . . Uncovered

Drumroll, please. We are proud to present the beautifully designed cover of Flight of the Mind. You will probably recognize the cover from Marcus's magical interpretation, "How Time Flies." We think the raven soaring into the deep blue sky trailing a stolen pocket watch is the perfect emblem for this artist's life. But the watch is no ordinary timepiece. The face of the watch is the artist's eye, weeping the dear, well-used tools of a lifetime of creative work. A feather wafts above the fray, followed by piece of parchment, with the artist's wish, dream and intimate knowledge of time. "It's a message," says Marcus, "we can all put our minds around."

An entire chapter of the forthcoming book is devoted to the creation of this piece. It begins with a quote from Poe's seminal poem: "Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore." The following is an excerpt to tease out your own reflection on the rough and ready tumble of the time of our lives.

In his mind's eye, Marcus knew the colors he would use - black, blue and gold, colors he relishes. The elements appeared complete in his vision: the raven and a golden pocket watch. And the narrative thrust was clear: "The vision of the raven flying away with, or stealing, my pocket watch was a perfect representation of my deepest frustration with the flashing speed at which my life is moving." When asked why, of all birds, he chose the raven, Marcus's smile betrays his intimate knowledge of a bird that haunts heroes and poets alike. "The raven is reality - a worthy adversary who deserves all the respect we can muster."

We hate to rush time, of course, but are counting down the days to October, when the book will be launched. Check back soon for information on how you can pre-order the book, and sign up on Marcus and Anne's email list to get preferred customer pricing.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A new page every day

Bet you didn't know Marcus could levitate.
It's mid-Spring, when the whole world is under the spell of the May Queen. In the spirit of all things mercurial, it's time to tease our faithful readers with glimpses of the forthcoming book, aptly named: Flight of the Mind . . . We are cruising through the design of the book, captioning pictures, choosing pull-out quotes, dotting our i's and crossing our t's. The cover has been designed and we've secured some stellar endorsements. The book website is in the works, and the presses are warming up.

On this forum, we'll reveal a glimpse at a time. For today, an enticing quote, that describes Marcus's painting, the work of art that is this book, and you, dear reader:

“People are trying to engage,” says Marcus when asked about audience reaction to his work.  “You make quality paintings and love them yourself first. Each is an extension of me, not just a product.  That intimate connection radiates outward. People want something to engage with, so give it all you got, and if you love the work you create, then somebody’s going to catch on.  People catch on fast.” 

Catch us here, now.