The Artist at Work

The Artist at Work
The Artist at Work

Sunday, August 19, 2012

*Flight of the Mind* Becomes Reality: A Book is Born

Anne, Marcus and Leslee toast as we finish the final proofing.
Our eyes are tired, but all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed.
Special thanks to our readers, whose eyes were a gift.
It is official! The book, Flight of the Mind: A Painter's Journey through Paralysis, is complete and on its way to the presses where it will be printed in full-bleed color, on paper specifically chosen for its weight and quality, and encased in an embossed, cloth-bound hard-cover.  Then, dear reader, Flight of the Mind will find its way into your hands, and you will no longer have to settle for this computer screen to experience the world and work of Marcus Thomas.

The existence of this book and other books like it - books that are carefully created, and crafted with painstaking attention to detail - are a testament to the intrinsic value of the art of book-making. Beautiful books are an experience in themselves - to the eyes, the mind, the imagination. This experience can be enjoyed in the busiest metropolis, in the most remote corner of the backcountry, anywhere, again and again. A good book offers an experience that can be shared, passed down through generations, shared from hand to hand, neighbor to neighbor, pored over together at the kitchen table or the school library. And even once the book itself has aged to tatters, a particularly fine book lives on in the minds, eyes and hands of those who loved it, who remember turning its pages and experiencing the world it invited them into every time they opened the cover.  

After more than a year of good, hard labor, to see Flight of the Mind come to into the world, clothed in paper and ink is akin to the birth of a long-awaited beloved child. So we invite you to celebrate with us! Raise a glass to Flight of the Mind. And join us on this blog as we announce the pre-ordering details in the coming days, so that you can move beyond this blog, and hold our hard-won and well-loved work in your hands.