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The Artist at Work
The Artist at Work

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time outside of time

A sketch from How Time Flies.
We return to one of our favorite themes on leap-day 2012: time. My leap-day dream involves breaking out of the linear conception of time where seconds make up minutes and minutes make up hours and one day piles on the next in the rubble of weeks, months years. When I was younger I imagined that February 29th was a magic day, because it was so rare. In this one day, surely, the possibility of all days, past and future, exist. I could crawl through a hollow tree and end up in an alternate universe where the people didn't keep time, never ran out of time, and lived happily without ever having to worry about being late.

Another leap-day dream would be that words have colors, form, texture and the immediate deep impact that painted images do. Imagination and words falter when it comes to re-conceiving time.  Perhaps the problem is the human heartbeat, temporal bodies living eternal experiences.

Maybe this February 29th, I'll meet a raven who has stolen a pocket watch, and I can barter something precious to hitch a ride and see time from a different angle.

Nevertheless, we are running out of time to vote for Marcus's label, so take a couple heartbeats to do this and make a toast to a day that happens every once in a while.

Here is Marcus's lovely leap-day dream:
I dream of a beach worthy wheelchair and endless healthy years to enjoy.
I dream of world peas.
I am living a dream!

What's yours? Feel free to add it below and extend this day's feeling of timelessness as long as possible.

Monday, February 27, 2012

February Longing and Crayola Daydreams

Time and the weather are two elemental forces that influence human cares more than any others. The month of February intensifies this effect: the shortest month with the most infuriating weather. February teases flowers into bloom often to freeze them overnight. It brings the loveliest sunrises and the harshest winds. The four-year boon of an extra day ends up feeling just like any other day and is consumed as quickly as the rest.

But this year, with the gift of our extra day, let's vow to make February 29th a day to dream.

An interesting fact from Marcus' forthcoming book is that his first set of paints was a Crayola(R) watercolor set, bought for cheap and brought home by Anne and his sister Amanda for fun. And it was in the spirit of fun, with perhaps a little hopeful longing too, that Marcus took up the brush and began to once again color his days with creativity, wonder and imagination. Marcus's situation was as cold and inhospitable as February, but with the tease of a little art, the windows of his mind were thrown open and the promise of spring's new life - a transformation - flooded in.

And really, a set of good paints and crayons is exactly what February needs to lengthen the shadows, stretch out the hours, and bring the blush back to the world.

There is still precious time to vote for Marcus'wine label "Biltmore Winter" in the Biltmore Estate contest. Simply click the link and cast your vote.

What's your leap-year dream? Check back here on February 29th when I'll be posting dreams of all colors, and perhaps we'll have a voting contest to see which dream we'd most like to live.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glimpse the Magic!

Check out this short film, created by Bob Peck of revpictures. It gives an intriguing glimpse into how Marcus creates his magic. And if you haven't already voted, the film provides an easy link for you to go directly to the Biltmore Estate wine label page where you can show your support for Marcus and his lovely fantasy "Biltmore Winter." If you have voted, spread the word and share this with all your friends. We are so grateful for all the support! A toast to all of you!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wine, paint and your vote!

We are excited to announce that Marcus' piece "Biltmore Winter" is in the running for the Biltmore Estate's wine label contest. 

We need your vote! The deadline is February 29th, so there is time for you to forward this to your friends and family.
Click this Biltmore Estate link to go directly to the page where you can vote for his label.

Marcus' piece is a fantasy in blue and gold, magical and serene. Here's what he has to say about the inspiration for the piece:

The Biltmore House is a enchanted treasure of Western North Carolina, and I wanted to invoke this in my design.The choice of water as the central element reflects the magic of the place, creating compositional depth and mirrored reality. The dominant blue saturation creates the perfect support for the hint of snow and golden glow which imbues the scene with festive holiday warmth.

He has promised a wine tasting along with the book launch if he wins, so make your vote count and we will all celebrate together!