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The Artist at Work
The Artist at Work

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kairos, the spirit of good timing, is with us

Bob films Marcus cruising through the lovely day at Lake James.
The ancient Greeks believed in two different aspects of time. Chronos embodied the passage of clock time, responsible for days, hours, minutes, the way we age. Kairos embodied the split-second opportunity, the spirit of good timing and the eternal instant. This spirit of "the right time," Kairos, is depicted balanced atop wheels with wings on his ankles, holding a sharp edge representing the "split" second in which opportunity arrives and must be seized.

As we work on capturing the last 25 years of Marcus' time creating art, we find ourselves blessed with many good moments in which we almost seem to transcend clock-time to dwell in possibility and opportunity -  moments that last a lifetime.  The spirit of Kairos hovers around us as the right people gather at the right place in the perfect time to create the book.

Lydia Inglett, Marcus, Leslee and Anne (behind the camera) discuss timing.
In the past couple weeks - how time flies! - we've begun to work with Lydia Inglett, who will design the book. That process will soon be underway and her vision is inspiring us all.

We've also spent some time in front of the camera ourselves, thanks to Bob Peck of revpictures, a talented videographer who is working with us to film the DVD portion of the project. Saturday afternoon found us all at Lake James. Vibrant leaves served as a fitting backdrop for a fireside chat which was profound and inspiring.

We cannot know what the next days, weeks and month will hold, but with the good work before us, the right people beside us, and the blessing of good timing, we know we are in for a harvest season of grand possibilities. 

Kairos, the spirit of good timing.


  1. Marcus, Rabbitt and I were just thinking about you the other day. How are you? Would you have any interest in my returning one of your first very novice paintings....I think I can find it. It is incredible how far you have come. I look forward to hearing how you are doing.

    Matt Broughton

  2. Hey Marcus! Daphne posted this on Facebook - and I just wanted to say hi! This is awesome! Hope you are doing well. Take care! Sherrie (Jones) Bufo